New OTAI Supplement Available: Early Weightbearing Constructs in the Lower Extremity

By OTA Community posted 08-09-2022 15:58

OTA International, the official open access journal of the OTA, has published a special supplement on Early Weightbearing Constructs in the Lower Extremity. The supplement is edited by Yelena Bogdan, MD; and Milan Sen, MD.

Manuscripts include:

Early weight-bearing constructs in the lower extremity (introduction)
Bogdan, Yelena; Sen, Milan

Distal femur: nail plate combination and the linked construct
Liporace, Frank A.; Tang, Alex; Jankowski, Jaclyn M.; Yoon, Richard S.

Extreme nailing and immediate weight bearing constructs in fractures of the distal tibia
John, Mitchell; Mir, Hassan R.

Proximal tibia and tibial plateau nail-plate combinations: technical trick and case series
Bogdan, Yelena; Dedhia, Nicket

Ankle tibiotalocalcaneal nailing in elderly ankle fractures as an alternative to open reduction internal fixation: technique and literature review
Dimitroulias, Apostolos

Combined limited internal fixation and multiplanar external fixation for immediate weight bearing of fractures around the foot and ankle
Sen, Milan K.